The Best Yoga Accessories to Elevate Your At-Home Practice


Cultivating a studio-worthy yoga practice at home is easier than you’d think — it just might require a few purchases. While a yoga mat or towel is really all you need, props can take your flow to an entirely different level.

The right accessory can do a lot for your practice, from deepening a stretch to mastering more complicated poses. To help you elevate your om-from-home, here’s a list of the best yoga props to invest in. Namaste, friends.



How we chose

We selected these items based on the below criteria:

  • Ease of use. No one wants a yoga accesecory that makes their practice more complicated. Each item below is easy to figure out and convenient.
  • Degree of comfort. Do your wrists ache after spending a half hour in down dog? Can you never seem to get Zen enough during Savasana? We’ve got you covered.
  • How much use they would get. There’s no reason to spend your money on a prop you’ll use once before it sits there collecting dust.
  • Durability. Each of these items will last a long time, no matter how sweaty they may get.


1. Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block

One of the most popular yoga accessories is the yoga block, which can help you learn new poses, deepen stretches, and keep you safe by offering support.

This Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block is a favorite because of how lightweight and stable it is. Made from EVA foam, it’s free of latex and has a nonslip surface that’s really easy to grip. These are versatile, easily used under your hands or feet, and surprisingly durable for how light they are.

Tip for use: Place them under your hands while performing movements like triangle pose, a forward fold, or really any move where you feel you aren’t flexible enough to reach the floor.

Buy Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block online.


2. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolsters are a great tool, especially for restorative yoga, because they offer comfort and support. They can be placed under different parts of the body to encourage stretching and relaxation.

The Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster’s rectangular shape offers support for a variety of poses. It has a foam core and cotton filling that’s just right in terms of firmness, with a soft cover that is pleasant to lay across. We’re also fond of the handles, which make moving and rearranging easy peasy.

Tip for use: Prop it under your lower back during legs up the wall pose to deepen your stretch and ensure your back is at the right angle.


3. Manduka Align Yoga Strap

Want to nail a specific pose but can’t… quite… reach? Enter yoga straps. A yoga strap can help make stretches safer and more accessible, aid in flexibility, and improve alignment.

The Manduka Align Yoga Strap is made of a natural cotton webbing with an interlocking buckle that keeps it very secure while also being easy to loosen or tighten without much fidgeting. It’s high quality and very durable, so it won’t feel like it’s going to snap, and at 8 or 10 feet, it should be long enough for anyone.

Tip for use: Wrap the strap around your feet when doing a seated Forward Bend to open up your hamstrings and improve flexibility. For optimal placement, wrap the strap at the ball of the foot rather than the arch.


4. Mindful and Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion

A meditation cushion makes a wonderful addition to any yoga practice, especially prenatal or restorative yoga. It lifts your hips and allows them to roll slightly forward, which supports the natural curve of your back and aligns your spine for a more comfortable seated position.

The Mindful and Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion is incredibly comfortable to sit on with a plush velvet cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls, it has the perfect amount of firmness without being too soft. As a bonus, it makes for a nice piece of decor when not in use.

Tip for use: Sit on your cushion in Quarter Lotus Pose or sit cross-legged to keep your hips open and prevent your spine from rounding.


5.   Trifit Fitness Tracker

The TriFit fitness tracker is one of the most popular fitness bands, thanks to a variety of features it brings on to your wrist.

It comes with continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, counting of steps and several other exercises such as running, swimming etc. The music control on the band, allows you to change the song, increase/decrease the volume and shake a leg without even touching your phone.

You can easily go for your yoga sessions, as this band is really lightweight, and it pleasantly sits on your wrist. The battery life runs up to 20 days with uninterrupted performance.

This will also help you to locate your smartphone with just a couple of taps, so if you've left your phone somewhere, don't panic you're only a couple of taps away.

Tip for use: Throughout your daily practice monitor your progress as you strive to attain more difficult poses such as the Sirsa Padasana.

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