Fred Does Yoga With Gordon Ramsay

Fred Does Yoga With Gordon Ramsay, Gino And Some Goats.

Gordon, Gino & Fred returned to ITV this week and we saw A LOT more of the French waiter than we ever thought we would. In tonight's episode, the three continued on their American Road Trip, stopping off at liberal and free-spirited San Francisco.

The activity was 'yoga with goats' (because y'know, America) - and that's when Fred decides that his attire would be the main event.

The meal involves small cups of tea and cucumber butties. Gordon says to Gino: "It's hard to understand from a chef's point of view because it's not improving the flavour... I get high on perfection" Of course, Gino indulges and everything goes a bit weird from there.

Moving on to Goat Yoga, Gino and Fred don their Lycra - with Fred going all out.

The instructor then advises them to get down on all fours and let the goat jump on top of them. Are you scarred for life too? Gordon then explains that although he is more used to eating the goats than exercising with them, that the idea is to relax you and make you happy - one of which s***s on the yoga mat.


While the yoga instructor gets less patient, Gino and Fred are rolling around giggling - with one of them shouting out in the background: "I'm hungry." Gino gets in some questionable positions with some goats. Credit: ITV Gino gets in some questionable positions with some goats. Credit: ITV The show follows Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix as they hit the highways of the states in their RV, travelling from Las Vegas, to Los Angeles and calling off at San Francisco, as we see tonight. Next week they will head down the coast to Texas, before crossing the border to Mexico, where they will sample the delights of Tijuana. T

The series sees them try a whole load of new experiences, including extortionate burgers, dune buggy racing, Goat Yoga, spear fishing, cowboy capers, fine wines and wild wrestling - all in the name of research of course. You can catch up on any episodes of Gordon, Gino, and Fred: American Road Trip on ITV Hub now. The next one will be shown on ITV on Thursday 23 April from 9pm